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    Custom wheels

    I had to go google centerlock. Interesting read...
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    The Mad Frenchman

    Is there a write up you can link to? @snoranger
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry xmas!
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    can I fit my motorcycle in the bed?

    If I read correctly the tailgate locks in a semi-open position so a full sheet of plywood can be carried. So you will probably have enough room in that case.
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    The all-new 2022 Ford Maverick’s is lower than the price of a Model T adjusted for inflation.

    I wonder if the Maverick will hold its value like the Model T?
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    Sung Kang Project Underdog 1972 Ford Maverick

    I borrowed my dad's maverick in my late teens (late 70's) to go to the beach. Ten foot deep ditches on either side of the road. Someone cut me off, I hit the brakes HARD. The car rotated a perfect 90° to the right and I let off the brakes. The car darted straight over the driveway into a gas...
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    Maverick build thread

    Acquisition fee!... I'd laugh and walk out.
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    Push notifications...

    I did the same. With the same results.
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    The Ford Maverick First Edition Hood Graphic

    Now you're just dating yourself...
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    Push notifications...

    Edited my response to show I found the answer in your link.
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    Push notifications...

    Thanks for the tip. I found a menu box at the top of the thread that says "watched" or "unwatched". I picked unwatched and think that will solve the email problem. Edit; followed your link and found the option to disable email on all watched threads. Thanks again.
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    Ford Maverick Body In Bare Metal

    I'd like it better aesthetically if the cap carried on the roof line. But for work an even higher roof for the cap would be better.
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    Ford Maverick Body In Bare Metal

    Is that a maverick wagon in the background?
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    Push notifications...

    I got an email notification for your post. It took 5 minutes to reach me. I have everything related to email turned off. But again, that was done just a short time ago. Perhaps the servers are a little slower on changes.