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  1. Rough Country 2” lift

    I changed over from my Pirelli Scorpions to BF Goodrich KO’2s 245/65R17, After sending numerous unanswered emails to Rouch Country I called them and spoke with a Manager who finally decided to just have me return the Lift kit and they will refund the price of the kit, That sounds all well and...
  2. STICKY Let's See Your New Ford Maverick Pickups!

    picked up my Maverick June 21st 2022, 1.5 HRG level lift BFG KO2 All terrain tires, 245/65R17 Red Shackle Area 51 cup coasters Xprite LED bed lights and switch Red Maverick puffy letters on tailgate TMS bed rack that will eventually hold a rooftop tent
  3. Rough Country 2” lift

    Hi all I orderd and installed the Rough Country 2” lift kit for my AWD Maverick about three weeks ago, I’ve had a very loud thumping sound in my right front wheel area every time I go over bumps or all the time when I take it off road, I’ve had it apart on that side twice to check torques and...