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  1. Jim Oaks

    2” lift ReadyLift has a 1.5-inch lift Rough Country has a 2-inch lift Superlift offers a 2.5-inch lift. The installation instructions are in our tech library:
  2. Jim Oaks

    Dealer markups .

    I think this new business model of Ford's where they want people to order vehicles and have a limited amount of inventory on the lots is screwing the customers. Dealers are using it to gouge customers based on supply and demand.
  3. Jim Oaks

    Maverick's in the Wild

    I've been seeing more and more of them. I think I see as many of them that are business vehicles as I see that are privately owned.
  4. Jim Oaks

    Just placed an order yesterday for 2023 xlt awd

    Have any pics of the old Maverick?
  5. Jim Oaks

    Great comparison against the old school Ranger

    Also check out:
  6. Jim Oaks

    I want to feature your Maverick

    Have a Ford Maverick that you've modified and want to show off? Post pics here with details of the modifications.
  7. Jim Oaks

    Rough Country 2” lift

    Did you find a solution? Did you add larger tires?
  8. Jim Oaks

    “file too large”- when trying to post pictures

    I'm not home right now. I'll check the settings when I get home and see if I can bump them up.
  9. Jim Oaks

    Maverick's in the Wild

    I spotted two in passing. Haven't seen any parked anywhere.
  10. Jim Oaks

    I wish this Maverick would have been sold in the USA

    See More: 1989 Ford Maverick SUV - Maverick Truckin
  11. Jim Oaks

    Maverick's in the Wild

    I have yet to see a Maverick pickup on the road or at a dealer.
  12. Jim Oaks

    Merry Christmas

    And happy new year!
  13. Jim Oaks

    Ford Maverick Tremor

    What do you think?
  14. Jim Oaks

    Maverick's in the Wild

    I like it!
  15. Jim Oaks

    Swap Meets

    Are you talking about swap meets for car parts, or swap meets in general? I like a good car part swap meet.
  16. Jim Oaks

    Swap Meets

    They have a big one in Canfield, Ohio in the spring. I love swap meets.
  17. Jim Oaks


    FROM MAVERICK CUSTOMIZED LINEUP AT SEMA OCT 29, 2021 | LAS VEGAS Ford to display its fresh new lineup of must-have cars, trucks, SUVs and electric vehicles at the SEMA aftermarket accessory show in Las Vegas, with more than 40 custom creations turning imagination into one-of-a-kind...
  18. Jim Oaks

    STICKY Let's See Your New Ford Maverick Pickups!

    I know people are slowly starting to take delivery of their new Ford Mavericks. Post below and let's see some photos of your new Maverick when you get it!