Maverick 2023 Model Year Transition Private Offer


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Sep 13, 2022
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Purvis, Ms
Maverick Model Year Transition Private Offer
• 23MY Maverick (excl Tremor)
• Private Offer value predetermined by customer’s original 22MY ordered vehicle*:
Maverick 2.5L Hybrid $2,750
Maverick 2.0L EcoBoost Gas $1,750

Replacement 23MY retail orders must be placed by 10/31/2022
*The value of the each eligible customer’s private offer varies based on whether the customer ordered a 22MY Maverick Hybrid or EcoBoost Gas model, but can be applied to either a 23MY Maverick Hybrid or EcoBoost Gas model (excl. Tremor).

ELIGIBILITY- Customer must have an unscheduled 22MY retail order that was enrolled and approved in Maverick’s COVP Lead to Order Program prior to the previously-communicated cut-off date of 11/17/2021 for Maverick Hybrid orders and 2/2/2022 for Maverick EcoBoost Gas orders in order to qualify for the private offer. Eligible customers must place a new 23MY retail order and take delivery of their ordered vehicle to be eligible for model year transition private offer. Vehicle sale end user name must match the customer name on the retail order.