How long will the 2023 Maverick order bank remain open?


Jul 17, 2021
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I'm guessing they didn't figure on so many people wanting the Maverick, they slacked way off in the production side...or hoping people would give up and just buy an F-150 or Ranger instead.

If Ford...and other manufacturers ever came back out with a plain old 2 door or extended cab compact work truck with a 6-7 foot bed, they'd really be in for a surprise at how many people out there want one again...that's why you are seeing 80's, and 90's Rangers, S-10s, Dakotas, etc. coming out of retirement and being put back on the road....people aren't wanting the gas guzzling super-trucks being built now that you can't even haul a ladder in the bed without needing a red warning flag because 1/2 of it sticks out the back. The current Ranger is about 3/4 there, they just need to drop the useless crew cab and extend the bed another couple feet....even then its larger than the old 80's and 90's Rangers that people really want.