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If you’ve seen the 1985 film ‘Back to the Future’ with Micheal J Fox as Marty McFly you know that at the beginning of the movie Marty sees a new black 1985 Toyota 4×4 and says “Someday Jennifer. Wouldn’t it be great to take that truck up to the lake?” At the end of the movie, he returns from the future to find that his life has changed, and that Toyota truck is now his and sitting in his parents’ garage.

The Lou Fusz Ford dealership in Chesterfield, MO had VIP Auto Accessories customize a black 2022 Ford Maverick and give it the “Back to the Future’ vibe to entice customers.

The Maverick’s stance was improved with a 2-inch lift kit from Rough Country. The lift made room for 245/70R17 Toyo Open Country ATIII tires on ALPHA Foxtrot 17×7.5-inch wheels. While it would have been awesome to see the Maverick on similar black and polished wheels with a set of Goodyear Wrangler Radials (with raised white lettering), VIP were limited to what it could find. “We tried to take into consideration how easily they could be replaced later on,” the spokesperson said, “Instead of using the polished outer and black center wheels, we chose the bronze Foxtrots because the gold and black color scheme is quite popular nowadays and that was what was readily available in the correct lug pattern and offset.”

To give the Maverick a more aggressive look an Air Design hood scoop PN: FO35D01 was added and is super easy to install without any kinds of drilling and is purely a cosmetic change. The Maverick also received a Ford Raptor style gril complete with orange Ford Raptor style lights. The hoodscoop and Raptor grill really changes the look and gives it a more performance driven feel.

With the front Ford oval replaced all that was left was to personalize the tailgate emblem. To do so we removed the factory chrome and traditional blue and custom painted to have a blackout appearance. This matches the black and bronze color scheme and finally removes the last bit of factory manufactured feeling.

Fixed to the tailgate around the custom Ford emblem is a satin black tailgate applique. An accessory like this helps to bulk up the backend and create more detail in a similar way to the hood scoop. Beneath the applique is an embossed black Maverick tailgate inlay to help people distinguish the car more easily.

Since the Back to the Future truck featured a bed bar and offroad lights, this truck would get one too. The only option at the time was a Keko Sport Bar. The sport bar then received a pair of KC HiLiTES FLEX ERA 4-2-Light System – 80W Combo Beam. These are a 5×5-inch light. The Back to the Future Toyota had (4) KC Highlighters.

The bed also received a spray in bed liner and a RGB LED light kit installed under the side rails of the truck bed. Given the most common uses for this compact truck they figured that some party lights for campouts or tailgates would be nice. The RGB lights have multiple color settings controlled by a small remote making them easy to use. They can also be switched to pure white for normal visibility when looking around the bed too.

What I Would Do:

It’s a cool truck and a cool concept. There are a couple of things I’d do differently.┬áKC Hilites still sells a Daylighter, but the modern Daylighter is LED. I would replace the (2) Flex Era 4 lights with (4) KC LED Daylighters. The ALPHA Foxtrot wheel also comes in matte black. I’m torn between the bronze wheels and the matte black. The Back to the Future truck has a gloss black wheel with a chrome edge, but there isn’t any similar wheels available for the Maverick right now. The matte black wouldn’t be the right look either. Maybe the bronze is the best option until an appropriate wheel becomes available. I’d also like to add a bull bar with a pair of KC lights on it, but again, nobody makes one yet.



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